The Upanishad Quotient Beyond EQ & IQ

Shahnawaz 6

On 3rd May 2016, Tuesday, Mr.Zakir Khan ,Mr.Shanawaz Shaikh and Miss.Nilofer Jailor From Red Boys Foundation attended a lecture at the ISKCON auditorium, Juhu, Mumbai. . The topic was “The Upanishad Quotient – Beyond EQ & IQ” We were invited by Mr. Shahid Sayed of NGO Threshold Initiators. This program was moderated by him, and organized by Dr. Piyul Mukherjee.
The guest speaker of the evening was Swami Chidananda. Swamiji is a speaker, writer and a teacher of Vedanta for more than 35 years The world-renowned spiritual master Swami Chinmayananda gave him a foundation course in the Upanishads and also initiated him into the monastic order in 1982. Before taking up spiritual study and teaching on a full time basis, he graduated with an MTech. From IIT Madras.
In his lecture, Swamiji talked about why ‘ the Upanishad Quotient’ is needed for a balanced peaceful life. Using his self deprecating humor Swami ji demystified the concepts of spirituality and stressed it is not meant for just those who renounced the world to be able to attain peace but also a common man or woman if they became self-aware. He also mentioned that the same was the message of sufi saints, of jain and Buddhist teachings.
It was a great opportunity for us to attend such a vibrant session on the Upanishad Quotient (UQ) by Swami Chidananda and understand how one can become better person and also learn to live for others.
Mr. Shahid Sayed is the founder of Threshold Initiators ( formerlyThreshold India Foundation). He is a civil engineer from Georgia Tech, USA and earlier, Mumbai University. By passion he is a writer, director and researcher. Shahid is a very active person in the field of social work and knows how to motivate the young towards social work.
Dr. Piyul Mukherjee is a sociologist, a PhD from IIT Bombay. She is the cofounder at Quipper Research Pvt Ltd. She is also a trustee of Vidyaranya Trust. An inspiring personality, she works in the field of education and motivating young minds to become better personality. Recently she has co-authored a book on the life of a freedom fighter Anand Gupta ( ) where she traces the role played by armed revolution in the freedom struggle.

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