Career talk and career awareness session taken up by counseling services wing of Red Boys Foundation

New year brings lots of happiness with full of positivity.

As a part of Red Boys Foundation team in the end of 2018 we have decided to start our counseling services wing.

With the start of New year and New bigning we have completed 2 small projects in this month.

One is Career testing and individual parental counseling project with the association of Vidhya organization.

In this project we have conducted aptitude and Interest testing with 37 SSC students and later conducted individual career counseling with students accompanied by their parents.

It was really Successful initiative and students and parents actively participated in the counseling and session aim to clear career doubts.

Second project is IQ testing

(NVTI -Non verbal test of intelligence) with the association of Chip Mumbai Foundation.

In this project we have conducted IQ testing with 9 students from 6th Std.

It was really great experience for our counseling team to become service partner with both organizations.

We would like to share with you all that we are ready to take small projects and work in the field of mental health with social work.

Our services are as follows
1- life skill training on various topics.
2- Career talk and career awareness session.
3- Career guidance training on different streams.
4-Aptitude Testing.
5- Interest Testing.
6-IQ testing
7- Individual counseling.
8-Personality Testing and grooming.
9-Remedial Education guidance.
10 -Helping slow learner’s and under achiever to cope with their academic.

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