Guest lecture At Kotak Unatti Center By Red Boys Foundation

Red Boys Foundation team was invited by kotak Unatti Educational Foundation for motivational lecture with the students of Quick Service programme at Govandi center.

On behalf of Red Boys Foundation, Mr.Zakir Khan Mr.Shahnawaz Shaikh & Miss.Nilofer Jailor

interacted with students and created awareness about how to take small initiatives for doing social work

Awareness about Thalassemia, Youth Against Speed etc.

Zakir & Shahnawaz also share how they founded Red Boys Foundation and his own journey to achive there goal.

At the end, Nilofer stressed the importance of communication skills in English and how students need to work on it.

It was an enriching lecture for the students from Kotak Unatti who actively participated in the discussion.

Their beaming faces clearly proved that the lecture was worth every minute.

The syngery between the speakers as well as the audience was clearly evident.

Both expressed their desire to be in touch and meet more often.
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