Jyothy Ramachandran Head Advisor Of Red Boys Foundation Speaking On 75th Birthday Of Nuclear Scientist Dr. Ap Jayaraman

The National Science Centre, Mumbai organised a Science Story telling festival on 13th Jan 2018. This was a tribute to the renowned nuclear scientist, Dr A.P. Jayaraman on his 75th birthday. Head Advisor,Jyothy Ramachandran Madam of our Red Boys Foundation was invited as a speaker. Her talk ” Rasayanik Manthan- role of neuro chemicals in science story telling” was greatly appreciated by one and all.
She narrated various episodes to highlight the changes that happen to a human mind when a story is being told. Madam Ramachandran had the audience in rapt attention through out her talk. Senior scientists too enjoyed her perspective of bringing classrooms alive through science story telling- a fact that most science teachers miss out.
She is planning to embark on a journey to work with children to bring out stories that are concept related and age appropriate.
Very proud of you, Madam.

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