Sewri Railway Station Walls Painted By Maitrangan Group Volunter By Red Boys Foundation Team

Holi is festival of colours.
Knowing the importance and simplicity of holi festival.

Maitrangan Group Formed By Alumnis of Mahatma Joyti Roa Phule College decided to celebrate holi in different & unique way by painting public places walls with beautiful messages to create love, togetherness & Awareness.

During their hunt to find public places they came across Sewri Railway Station.

After noticing people crossing railway tracks & not using foot over bridge they decided to paint walls with messages and danger signs to avoid track crossing.

Red Boys Foundation Team participated in activity To Motivate Maitrangan group to do such more activities in future and we also decided to work together in making a Social change.

Special thanks to Mr. Vinayak Shewale Sir Station Master of Sewdi Railway Station for giving permission and actively participating in activity and making holi festival memorable for all of us

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