Social Internship

The Bandra based, Red Boys Foundation, is a very proactive group of the area. Once again, it took yet another step ahead to bring positive change in the minds of young adults in and around Bharat Nagar.
This time, it had scheduled several activities for the youth of the area about the most important aspect of their lives.. Their dreams, their career aspirations and livelihoods.
It was a one week long event including various activities to awareness about important social issues within a society and also to promote the idea of social internship among the youth of Bharat nagar.

The idea behind this unique initiative is to inculcate the spirit of Social Work and Social Welfare in the mind of students and the community so that our youth don’t just become good professionals but also good human beings and responsible citizens in the future, and remain so always.
The “Red Boys Foundation” team motivated our youths to become part of the different events and enhance their skills to become good leaders rather than be just followers.

Various social activities like Area mapping, Door to door awareness, career guidance talk, individual counseling, career exhibition, medical and blood donation camp, clean up drive, tree plantation drive, anti drug campaign, were carried out by the members of the Foundation in collaboration with SIO, diffrent local NGOs, MSS, AITTA in the area of Bharat Nagar, Bandra East as a part of ‘Social Internship Program’.

The program marked its auspicious start from 26th may, with a humble launching ceremony, followed by the ground survey of the needs of the locality. It went onto include ground work, and publicity to gather the support of the locals. Catering to their demands an educational workshop was organized in which renowned counsellor, Prof. Najmuddin guided the students in personal counseling sessions, delivered career guidance lectures and also volunteered at career exhibitions. This proved to be an asset for more than 250 students of Bharat nagar.
Moreover in this era of global warming, with the due importance of plants, a ‘tree plantation drive’ was carried in which plants were gifted to local people. Going green is yet another aspect of RBF.
Beside this a ‘Medical camp’ was set up for diabetes check up, blood pressure, etc all free of cost. A blood donation camp was also organized in collaboration with Sarvodaya Hospital, many local youths participated actively.
Furthermore, an ‘anti drug awareness campaign’ was launched on ‘world no tobacco day’. Video screening, corner meets, were the part of the campaign.

‘The best part of this Social internship program was that the Red Boys Foundation team members, students and youths of different mindsets of different colleges came forward in spite of their busy work schedule. They volunteered throughout the program in large numbers with a smile on their lips and twinkle in their eyes.

All the participants were awarded certificates to encourage them for taking this first step forward for the upliftment of the society and also continue this journey of social commitment throughout their life.

Last but not the least Red Boys Foundation really appreciated all the volunteers for their team work and thank all the partner organisations for their support to make this event a grand success – a unique initiative for the first time in Bharat nagar…

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